Civic participation in Governance

Plus Europe Organising Committee Meeting 0

Plus Europe Organising Committee Meeting

Jacques di Costanzo, President of Plus Europe; Jacky Chef, from RC Nancy Lorraine France and nominated Governor for 2016-2017, PHF 1 Ruby; Jean-Marie Poinsard, from RC France-USA ICC; José Ignacio Martinez de Cardeñoso, from RI DG 2202; Ramón Masià, Secretary-General of Plus Europe; Joan Francesc Pont, Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona; Mario Ferrer, Treasurer of Plus Europe;...

Plus Europe [Youth] Forum 0

Delivering of [Youth] Forum members diplomas

In order to facilitate the participation of young students and postgraduates in the Second Plus Europe Conference, the Plus Europe [Youth] Forum established a scholarship programme by which the below grantees had travel & accommodation costs covered by the organisation.