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What we do – Plus Europe

Promoting professional, business and civic networking among citizens

What we do

If you want to know what we do, register at the Plus Europe Association and stay tuned.

Plus Europe [Business] Forum

First Plus Europe [Business] ForumThe Plus Europe [Business] Forum is a programme that aims to contribute to European integration from a business and professional perspective.

It is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to share their vision of the European integration process and to want to learn what is being done in the European institutions by its European policymakers and experts.

The Plus Europe [Business] Forum is a network that gathers those companies, professionals and entities interested in being present and participate in the economic, legal and civic development of Europe.

The objectives of the Plus Europe [Business] Forum is:

The promotion of business and professional interests in European public policies.

The main objective of the Plus Europe [Business] Forum is contributing to the European project from the business and professional perspective.

  • Because we work in a Single Market and in an Economic and Monetary Union.
  • Because competitiveness, growth and labour are European issues.
  • Because growing is important, as it is foreseeing what is happening in Europe, since it is where the decisions that affect us all are taken.

The Plus Europe Conference

Second Plus Europe ConferenceEvery two years, the Plus Europe Conference becomes a meeting point for committed citizens who want to have their say and be heard in Europe. Debates and discussions oriented towards the consolidation of Europe are the protagonists of the event, in which the interaction among the participants is key.

The first edition of the Plus Europe Conference took place in Barcelona the 2nd of February 2013, and the second one in Brussels, in May 12th and 13th 2014. The next edition of the Plus Europe Conference will take place in Barcelona in the spring of 2016.

Networking with EU Institutions and organisations

Networking with EU Institutions and organisationsPlus Europe gathers, analyses and proposes recommendations coming from citizens, civic entities, and business and professional associations in Europe.

Given its network and its deep first-hand knowledge of European policy-making, Plus Europe facilitates the direct dialogue with the responsibles of European policies.

Therefore, Plus Europe is a trusted agent of civic participation in Europe.

Regional Plus Europe events: EU workshops

Regional Plus Europe events: EU workshopsPlus Europe organises regional events year-round with the objective to engage citizens, civic entities and business and professional associations around Europe.

These range from specific seminars, to workshops, press conferences, or regional conferences. All these events have a common feature, which is dialogue and interaction with the citizen.

At the moment, Plus Europe has developed a programme of EU Workshops called Get Informed, a general EU training addressed to adult school students, with the aim of reducing the lack of EU knowledge and increasing the civic involvement and participation in EU governance.

If you wish Plus Europe to organise an event in your region, please contact the General Secretariat.

Collaboration Agreements

Brussels DeclarationThe objective of Plus Europe is to promote civic participation. To do so, Plus Europe collaborates with different civic, professional and business organisations and associations around Europe, with which it signs collaboration agreements.

These establish the terms in which these organisations work with Plus Europe towards the common objective of advancing civic participation in Europe.

The Plus Europe Citizen Awards

The Plus Europe Citizen AwardsPlus Europe wants to honour the best civic initiatives in Europe. Therefore, it has created the Plus Europe Citizen Awards, that have three categories:

  • EU Professional Commitment
  • EU Civic Initiative
  • EU Citizen Participation

The prizes, awarded by the collaborating organisations of Plus Europe, take place in an official ceremony during the Plus Europe Conference. Last Plus Europe Citizen Awards were revealed in Brussels, on the occasion of the Gala Dinner of the Second Plus Europe Conference in May 12th 2014.