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[Youth] Forum – Plus Europe

Plus Europe [Youth] Forum

Plus Europe [Youth] Forum

[Youth] Forum

The Plus Europe [Youth] Forum is a meeting point for young people who are concerned and interested in European governance and in the development of the European integration process and want to actively participate in it.



  • To empower young citizens to participate in European governance and actively shape the future of their generation, by giving them the opportunity to be heard in the EU fora.
  • To set up debates, training sessions and seminars to empower them and enrich their knowledge and capacities.
  • To create partnerships with European institutions and organisations.


The Plus Europe [Youth] Forum is open to students, postgraduates or academicians from a European university aged between 18 and 30 years old, who are engaged and interested in European issues and who want to actively participate and be part of them.


The Plus Europe Association set up the Plus Europe [Youth] Forum with the objective to promote the engagement of young citizens in European governance.

The Plus Europe Association, in order to promote their participation in the Second Plus Europe Conference, established a scholarship programme by which it offered 50 grants that covered registration and travel & accommodation costs.

This opportunity enabled them to be involved in the event, not only as active participants, especially during the Interactive Dialogue, and some of them being Rapporteurs of the sessions, but also in the organisation, as Volunteers.

What do young people say about the [Youth] Forum

“An opportunity to share ideas among this new European generation that will empower us to create a better future, construct a solid democracy and spread our deeply rooted values to other nations around the globe”. University of Girona.

“Now, more than ever, those ideals must be enforced, and I believe civil governance is the way to do so”. University Pompeu Fabra.

“I think that Europe as we know it is hitting a dead-end and that it will only be through unification, cooperation, and, most importantly, social convergence of the people from all nation-states in Europe that we will be able to compete in the modern world”. Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

“It is a perfect way to create a sense of active citizenship”. University Pompeu Fabra.

“The solution is simple – bring the governance to the people”. University of Manheim.

“This is absolutely necessary especially nowadays, that mainly young people borne the brunt of the economic crisis, either in terms of unemployment or loss of opportunities”. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

“The fact that we are now modelling and forging the way we want Europe to be in the coming years”. University Pompeu Fabra.