Seminar about Europe with Interacts

Last Saturday, July 18th, the Plus Europe Association held a seminar for 10 Interacts from all around Europe. There was one 16-18 year-old representative from these countries: France, Italy, Ireland, Israel, England, Croatia, Turkey, Belgium, Slovakia and Austria. We also had the pleasure of having the President of the Rotaract Club Condal-Abat Oliva, Olga Nikanorova, and an exchange master-degree student from Boston, USA. Also, Ramon Masià, member and Secretary of RC Barcelona Mar was the supervisor.

Our head volunteer, Rita Giménez, explained some of the basic concepts of the European Union to the young people present using different kinds of activities and materials. First, they all reflected where they live and had lived on the imaginary world map on the floor. Then, post-its were thrown around to brain-storm what Europe meant to them. After having discussed and developed those ideas, there was a contest with 4 teams of 3 people each. Rita asked a total of 7 questions about European and more specifically the European Union’s history.

After the break, there was a debate about European identity and participative citizens. Topics such as Greece, enhancing participation amongst the younger generations, immigration and culture were discussed.

Overall, for the students and the other attendees, it was a great experience because of the numerous contrasting opinions on current affairs and the vision of the future of the EU.

Plus Europe

The PLUS EUROPE Association is a civic entity that acts as a bridge between citizens and European institutions.

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